On-line course with FSPPM, Vietnam

Continue to the issue of overseas internship with UNECON Russia last week, we would like to introduce another internship project with Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, Vietnam (FSPPM). IISIA/RIJAG and FSPPM signed a cooperation agreement last year for the purpose of establishing an internship program for their students.

This program will consist of academic research and practical works concerning information literacy to train highly qualified researchers and practitioners with the skills and knowledge to solve contemporary global or regional or local social, economic and political problems. And the goals of this collaboration project between IISIA/RIJAG and FSPPM are firstly, by educating students with fundamental knowledge and principles of “information literacy” to lead them to acquire skills of making strategic future scenarios and leadership. Secondly, providing the internship program in Tokyo in order to give opportunities for students to understand well the way of Japanese society and business world and through this activity we hope the students can enhance their ability of intercultural communication and global mindset.

Moreover, we IISIA/RIJAG has dedicated ourself to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by United Nations, especially focuses on SDG4 (Quality Education), SDG8(Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG16(Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), and SDG17(Partnerships for the Goals). With a shared understanding and common background towards our commitment to SDGs, IISIA/RIJAG strongly believe that executing this joint-program with FSPPM would be of great significance for the better future.

The program is actually consisted of the following activities. Firstly, the online course is. Students must join and actively participate in an online discussion on every topic which is designated to Facebook group “IISIA/RIJAG-Fulbright University Vietnam Discussion Forum for Information Literacy”. Secondly, taking part in two IISIA/RIJAG workshops which will be held in FSPPM campus to achieve the fulfilling tasks and receiving evaluation. Based on the result, we will provide one or two competitive students to have an internship chance to work as a part time in IISIA/RIJAG in Tokyo for one month. And finally the interns have to write an report which will be posted on our monthly magazine.

Unfortunately, this cooperation program has been suspended right now due to the COVID-19. We are looking forward to resume it soon in the near future.

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