Overseas interns with IISIA/RIJAG

Last summer in 2019, we have successfully held an internship in Tokyo with two university students from Russia. They were the students of a leading University of Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) in Russia. The interns not only acquire the skills of “information literacy” but also learned Japanese corporate culture. You may be wondering that why we chose a russian university for an internship program?

Bilateral relations between the Japanese and Russian government have been made rapid progress in recent years and in order to develop it further more in private sector, the CEO of IISIA and RIJAG, Mr. Harada has participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in 2014 and 2018 as a panelist, which made an initial contact with Russia’s leading university, the above mentioned UNECON.

working as part time in IISIA

Since its establishment in 2007, IISIA has dedicated itself into the “information literacy” education for young generation and conducted a pioneer course called “IISIA Prep School” for excellent university students in Japan. Obviously, the importance of “information literacy” education to make future scenario is as same in Russia and in the global society. Therefore, IISIA jointed together with RIJAG to hold an internship program for the students from UNECON to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for their future career, particularly in terms of “information literacy” based on our experiences and commitment in “IISIA Prep School”.

attending prep school with japanese university students

The two interns have been selected by the following criteria such as writing essays, evaluating the performance of participation in the program activities through the Face Book group “IISIA-UNECON” Discussion forum for the purpose of information literacy education. Finally, they had to attend an interview with the CEO of IISIA/RIJAG, Mr. Harada during a workshop held in May of 2019 on UNECON campus. It was our great honor to finally announce Ms. K. Perova and Ms. E. Gannochka to joint with us for the internship program in Tokyo last summer.

information literacy lessons with the CEO of IISIA, Mr. Harada

They worked as part-time in our office, which is located in the central commercial area in Tokyo called “Marunouchi” between the Tokyo station and the Imperial Palace. During the internship, they received intensive Japanese language lessons to help them understand more Japanese culture. And the most important program is to learn and to practice the skills of information literacy through writing up to 15 pages of essay and published in Monthly Report of IISIA. Not only paper works also did they meet with Japanese prominent business and academic leaders including Isao Kubota, the chairman of Nishi Nippon City Bank, one of the most influential regional banks in Japan.

japanese language lessons

They also spent their private time to take a round in Tokyo to understand more for Japan. And from their smiles, we know this internship has been become a “seed” deep in their heart and may help their future career. Unfortunately, the internship of this year has been suspended due to the COVID-19. However, we will resume it once the border has been reopened. Look forward to meeting talented students from all over the world.

One thought on “Overseas interns with IISIA/RIJAG

  1. Thanks again for this amazing experience that I got during the internship! I will never forget the time I spent there. P.S. Your article is wonderful!


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