Future scenario and Leadership

Nowadays, uncertainly and volatility is increasing in the world, how to carve out own path, lead the organization and create renovation are important. This seminar is aimed at young generation, to learn how to make the future scenario through information literacy.

This seminar in Tokyo University is part of IISIA’s social contribution program, which uses 50% of the profits generated from the membership fees of IISIA’s membership services.

Through this education program, we will make further contributions to achieve the early achievement of the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals), especially focus on SDG4 (Quality Education), SDG8 (Decent work and economic growth), and SDG16 (Peace, justice and strong institution) set by the United Nations.

As to the seminar, there are three parts in each class and students are divided into three groups. First, seminar is started by Tutor Mr. Harada, who will look back those issues talked last week and confirmed everyone can follow well. Also, he will talk about some current and big news like a warming up to get into the main issue.

The students divided into three groups will make a presentation in turns. First group will talk about the current news, and the other two groups will discuss the assigned book. To show how much and how deeply they understand or are aware of something. Through the discussion to try to find the core of the issue, and what we should take action or where we should go to. The tutor Mr. Harada will involve in the discussion in proper timing. Basically, he tries to create a free-talking atmosphere to ensure everyone can rack their brains. It is not about the right or wrong, but what you are thinking. Finally, Mr. Harada will make a summary of the assigned book and talk the essence which he thinks. However, this is not the ending; he tries every effort to give some additional information after the class concerned those issues mentioned during the seminar.

This year we have successfully finished all the seminars. You may be wondering that we focused on. Just for your inference, the following issues were the topics we have discussed in the past three months:

  1. Introduction of IISIA and RIJAG
  2. The Heisei Bubble and Collapse
  3. Cosmos and Us
  4. What is the really the United Nations
  5. What is the information literacy
  6. What is the origin of Japan
  7. Japanese middle age and Kyoto
  8. Japanese modern age and Korea/US
  9. Gnosticism at the root of the Western countries
  10. Essence, Segments, Consciousness, and Words
  11. What is the Essence of problem of Iran

Also here attached the topics selected by students who presented during this semester.

  • Obama gate
  • the struggle for hegemony between China and the U.S. and genome editing technology
  • digital RMB in china, will lunch in 2022, Beijing Olympic
  • a propaganda bill for South Korea and Japanese government
  • Hong Kong national security law and future of Hongkong
  • Gold in London, and the two presidents of Venezuela fight for it. ―China’s shrinking interest and the U.S.’s path to the shale gas is key.
  • monetary base and Japanese default
  • The risk of flooding of the Yangtze River increases. ―The future of the Three Gorges Dam

Let us talk more about our social contributions next time.

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