Global Leader Raising: IISIA Prep-School


You may wonder why we started the blog with Thai protest movement that has been taking place recently.

Thai`s unemployment rate is soaring in Thailand due to the influence of COVID-19.

About 3,000 young people went out onto the street and appealed to the government to remove Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, out of office and democratize. Democratic society operates on the will of the majority; the reason that young people demand democracy is to reflect their voices on politics and make their lives better  ― by themselves.

Young talents are the future of the country. And we IISIA has been dedicating ourselves to turning them into global leaders and encouraging them to embody Pax Japonica – a theory of peace and development using Japan model for international community.

IISIA has made a number of achievements in educating young talents to become the next global leaders.

IISIA has been holding Prep-school seminars since 2012 in collaboration with our sister organization Research Institute for Japan`s Globalization (RIJAG).

Prep-school is a learning platform for college students to nurture leaders that direct world order. The students in question are those interested in promoting understanding and trusting relationship toward Japan within international society. Many of those students interested in the prep-school endeavored to become a career diplomat just like IISIA`s CEO and founder, Takeo Harada.

The educational model that prep-school utilized is Information Literacy education.

It taught students how to deeply analyze public information, withdraw essential conclusion from there, and make future scenarios provided from the conclusion.

We often employed the theme, “The World`s Changing. Japan`s Moving. We Need Leaders.”

The leaders that we need entail three keywords –global, innovative, and leadership. And the leaders can create a new world order, breaking through existing issues that the world embraces. They discern what is really Japanese; think and act beyond the framework of nation states. The prep-school proceeded with thorough discussions and on-site speech made by Takeo Harada.

Examples of our graduates` career:


About 30 bright students from Japan-U.S. Student Association, Japan`s Mock UN club, ICU and Tournament enthusiastically joined the prep-school in 2015. They submitted reports in both Japanese and English and attended 6 series of lectures by Takeo Harada. The content is as follows:

Day1:What is Happening in the World Today?

Day2:What is Happening in Japan Now? What is Really Problematic?

Day3: Information Literacy. Learning the method of “Abduction”

Day4:Special Lecture Inviting Chairman Konno as a Guest.

Day5:The Core Values of Global Leadership

Day6:Wrap-up Group Presentation/Discussion, Making Future Scenarios Together.

Another round in 2018, prep-school was held for a few hours long per seminar and covered academic literatures about the topics below:

― Difference between Synchronicity and AI Synchronicity

― The Transition of Energy Policies under the GHQ Control and Future Scenarios

― Special District for Shanghai Nationality-less refugees in the Modern History of Juda and Japan

Where did the graduates of prep-school go?

There are nearly 300 graduates of IISIA prep-school nationwide; many of them made their careers in many known companies in the public sectors or finance industry, and became consultants, politicians and entrepreneurs. Those young talents, having learned the principle of information analysis and scenario-making, carry the lessons to the next stage of their life, become leaders themselves and disseminate those principles to another set of young talents.

IISIA aim to make this cycle of leader nurturing through our free Information Literacy education deriving from our intelligence service provided to IISIA subscribers who have deep interest in the world and the world beyond.

Therefore, IISIA`s corporate goal in mind is to reach 0.5-0.6million Japanese leaders, change their thinking framework from the bottom, and lead the next generation to make a better future for Japan and other countries.

We appreciate your interest and cooperation.

Thank you for reading!

Global Leadership Unit (GLU)

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