IISIA and Information Literacy: Why does it matter?

COVID-19 pandemic was a totally unexpected event that turned the world and the world`s economy upside down.


But, really? Did corona virus appear just out of nowhere? – The answer is no.

There are always meanings to events, but most of us experience them without realizing those meaning.

The past four articles that we published so far highlighted the following topics on the method of abduction: the thinking framework used by Western elites, the thinking framework that supported Japan`s high economic growth of the late 1900s, the process to provoke innovation with abduction, and how to acquire this skill.

All these relate to information literacy — the skill that we are committed to convey throughout Japan and across countries.

But then, do you know what information literacy exactly is?

If not, we highly recommend you to grasp the idea as to boost your potential for innovation and leadership, the keys to success in your career, and in a bigger prospect, the power of the country.

Information Literacy refers to the ability of extracting the essence out of a bunch of information through relating back to historical chronology and synchronizing with current events, producing future scenarios from those experience.

If you had high information literacy, actually, this pandemic was not an unexpected happening, but a carefully calculated event (Unfortunately, we can tell you no more as this is our exclusive information as a result of our thorough, qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and it is only exposed in to the subscribers of our service).

Many consultants, analysts, reporters, politicians, businessmen, and whatever smart people do very well in analyzing what is ongoingly happening or has happened in the past. But this is the hidden pitfall of humanity. Actually, this is not sufficient for you to understand the world and take initiative – because you still fear what may occur in the future, totally invisible and unpredictable. This won`t help you get prepared and take whole control of your own life.

Humans live within their individual “frameworks” – Probably, the word “comfort zone” is easier to understand. When things are happening as you imagined or experienced, you feel at ease. You are being able to take your surroundings under command

Yet, when something happens; and that something has never occurred in your life so you don`t know the definition of it, you feel scared, worried, angry, or upset. Humans` brains try to escape from such discomfort by ignoring it or blaming external factors (environment, other people related, society, etc. ) rather than confronting the unexpected. The ending of the story isn`t always happy in this case. Let`s suppose you heard us talk about the pandemic last year. You would think we are talking some fantasy, but surprisingly, we have been saying that immunity would be the biggest issue in the year of 2020, since 2012.

The question is : how can we prevent negative outcome? – You expand your framework much before the unexpected happens, and what extends your framework is information literacy. In a simple explanation, if you know it rains tomorrow, you know what shoes to choose. Information literacy does the same thing in a much bigger scale.

We IISIA, value information literacy.

IISIA operates on our mission to give people hope and future. And the hopeful future is characterized as Pax Japonica.

This word is associated with words like Pax Britannica and Pax Americana.

However, Pax Japonica is totally different; those two countries disseminated such ideas to dominate the world. But as you may know, Japan is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The world we envision is not an ultra-nationalistic one or Japan as No.1, but it is a world of co-existence. What we aim through all our activities is to pursue peace and development not only in Japan, but using `the Japan model` to achieve a better international society.

The problem is that we Japanese ourselves are not aware of what is happening in the world and what is awaiting us ahead. We are the obstacles to the way to Pax Japonica.

We continue to claim the importance of information literacy as the foundation for humanity to think about others, the world, beyond oneself.

Therefore, we distribute future scenario reports to our 800 subscribers, and use 50% of the profits to commit CSR activities that are to provide information literacy education to young talents in and out of Japan.

In the coming articles, we will introduce our CSR projects.

Thank you for reading! Your feedback and questions are very welcome.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us. See you in the next chapter!

About Takeo Harada
Founder and CEO of Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), an independent think tank located in the heart of Tokyo. Former career diplomat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in charge of European affairs and DPRK, for the period of 12 years, Takeo Harada is extremely well-versed in the area of global strategy with his original methodology of future analysis and risk scenarios. Takeo Harada is frequently invited to international forums, panel discussions, and other events to share his unique outlook on “what is going to happen” based on his consistent belief of `Pax Japonica.

What is `Pax Japonica?`
Takeo Harada`s unique ideology, which lies in the belief that Japan, embracing overwhelming amount of social challenges, is bound to embody itself as the role model of overcoming those challenges likely to be faced by the whole world ultimately, for the end of giving hopes and futures for all the people across the world.

What does IISIA do?
An independent think tank that collects, analyzes, and publish regular reports on international affairs, we feel great commitment to making the world better by providing our unique future scenarios that no other can construct with our rich information resources. What we aim through this commitment is to enhance information literacy for all to eventually realize our company vision of `Pax Japonica,` which we believe is closely correlated with the promotion of UN values and SDGs.

Check out the official HP of IISIA to gain more necessary information:

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