How to Acquire the Method of “Abduction”

We have been discussing the method of “Abduction” so far. Now we will move on to the step of acquiring the method ourselves. Surprisingly, the method is not too complicated for anyone to learn and can be put into practice immediately.

To begin with, you must get enough sleep at night and get up early in the morning. Getting enough sleep seems easy, but it significantly affects one`s daily performance, and accumulation of stress reduces one`s productivity eventually. Many of America’s famous CEOs wake up early and they begin their brand-new days around 4 am.


Reference 2

Besides, by getting up early, you get free time to raise your awareness of “fixed observation” and “comparison” . In other words, you can collect date by surfing the net and analyze each information.

There are points to be conscious of when collecting information. Firstly, do not read too carefully. Secondly, just read the subheading and important parts of the same media. By doing so you can notice a little difference. “fixed observation” and “comparison” are easy tasks, but they bring you many new points of views, which enables you to discover new horizons.

For the last important part, you review your notes. Then, you will see the relevance of the events you wrote down. You imagine what will happen in the future. You do these works at fixed times every day.

Reference 3,set%20you%20up%20for%20success.

Secondly, once a week, you investigate in detail something that stimulates your curiosity. It is important, at that time, to search several information, from an academic journal to an article made of an unlikely story in search result. You must carefully read “what happened in the past” about the event, person and company, to come to an understanding of common sense that makes you predict the future.

The notes you write every day will pile up after a month, and your knowledge will be enriched. While you are looking at the reality and internet, it will begin to structure the image of the future naturally. At this timing, you write down briefly, “the future scenario”. The important thing is to assemble the fact from the discoveries gained from your past notes.

Finally, you apply your own view, “scenario” in the workplace. If you are trained in the “Abduction”, you do not have to be afraid of the argument with your boss. At this moment, you can logically describe a “scenario” of the “image of the future” in your head. Forming up your future scenario alone is not enough, you should demonstrate leadership to convey your ideas effectively to others and gain their sympathy. Otherwise, people don`s rise up to make new action.

Reference 4

The discoveries in your brain that you gained from this training act as a framework to move others. It is inseparable from the method of leadership that drives modern society. Although innovation is not easy, method of “Abduction” and these training would surely help you make difference.

Written by Kyoka Umezono
International student in Shanghai International Studies University.

Major in Business English.
She has been in Shanghai, China more than 7 years and wishes to be a bridge between Japan and China in the future.
Due to the COVID-19, she is now working as an intern in IISIA until the reopen of border closure.

About Takeo Harada
Founder and CEO of Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), an independent think tank located in the heart of Tokyo. Former career diplomat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in charge of European affairs and DPRK, for the period of 12 years, Takeo Harada is extremely well-versed in the area of global strategy with his original methodology of future analysis and risk scenarios. Takeo Harada is frequently invited to international forums, panel discussions, and other events to share his unique outlook on “what is going to happen” based on his consistent belief of `Pax Japonica.

What is `Pax Japonica?`
Takeo Harada`s unique ideology, which lies in the belief that Japan, embracing overwhelming amount of social challenges, is bound to embody itself as the role model of overcoming those challenges likely to be faced by the whole world ultimately, for the end of giving hopes and futures for all the people across the world.

What does IISIA do?
An independent think tank that collects, analyzes, and publish regular reports on international affairs, we feel great commitment to making the world better by providing our unique future scenarios that no other can construct with our rich information resources. What we aim through this commitment is to enhance information literacy for all to eventually realize our company vision of `Pax Japonica,` which we believe is closely correlated with the promotion of UN values and SDGs.

Check out the official HP of IISIA to gain more necessary information:

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