The process to provoke innovation with “Abduction”

We have introduced the Japanese thinking methods such as the KJ method, KOZANE method and Equivalent Transformation Theory last week. You may be wondering that how come it is possible to look through the future and take actions with the thinking method of “abduction”.

Honestly speaking, we Japanese are now under the pressure of the financial capitalism overwhelmed worldwide, and moreover how to administer the increasingly immense information on the internet. If we cannot consider them into a new framework of abduction, it would be ended up with just a game of thinking.

Therefore, what exactly we need is the “abduction” like the following graph.


“Abduction” by Takeo Harada

Full use of your five senses like eyesight, hearing and kinesthesia to collect the information which is already happened. Then you will see “because A, so B”, which is to say “causality”. At this moment, you may feel something about this “encounter”; it is accidental but inevitable. It sounds weird however the synchronicity just happens. It brings you some illogical image about the “future”.

Reference 2: Synchronicity

Then what we need to do next is “backcasting”. If we know what future is waiting for us, then we can image what it will be before that. Though there is still nothing happened now, we need to make a picture, which is to say “scenario planning” for the causality which leads to the so-called future.

However, the most important is leadership. Whatever the awareness, ideas, scenario we have, a leader is needed to set the goal, to make competent strategy against rivals, to act and execute, to conduct teammate, and to evaluate the result. Therefore, the purpose of “abduction” is to invoke innovation through the awareness and brand-new ideas.

Reference3: predicting brains

As we have talked before, the Japanese society is lack of a kind of human resource, who do have the ability to get awareness. Even if they are feeling something, it seems hard to shape it into a materiality. Thus, we do have a lot of intellectual asset, however most of them will never get on the production line.

What we Japanese need now is to get awareness into shape; and for promoting innovation worldwide, the incubator is necessary. Anyone can be the incubator, and be related to the mentioned “abduction”. From the point of view of globalism, what exactly the so-called “abduction” is? Is it unique or shared commonly in the world? Let us talk next time.

Reference 4: talks with intern students from Rusia

About Takeo Harada
Founder and CEO of Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), an independent think tank located in the heart of Tokyo.Former career diplomat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in charge of European affairs and DPRK, for the period of 12 years, Takeo Harada is extremely well-versed in the area of global strategy with his original methodology of future analysis and risk scenarios. Takeo Harada is frequently invited to international forums, panel discussions, and other events to share his unique outlook on “what is going to happen” based on his consistent belief of `Pax Japonica.

What is `Pax Japonica?`
Takeo Harada`s unique ideology, which lies in the belief that Japan, embracing overwhelming amount of social challenges, is bound to embody itself as the role model of overcoming those challenges likely to be faced by the whole world ultimately, for the end of giving hopes and futures for all the people across the world.

What does IISIA do?
An independent think tank that collects, analyzes, and publish regular reports on international affairs, we feel great commitment to making the world better by providing our unique future scenarios that no other can construct with our rich information resources. What we aim through this commitment is to enhance information literacy for all to eventually realize our company vision of `Pax Japonica,` which we believe is closely correlated with the promotion of UN values and SDGs.

Check out the official HP of IISIA to gain more necessary information:

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