What is “Abduction” used by western elites?

“Why does the Western elites use this `framework` to move the world?” authored by Takeo Harada

We have discussed last time that the current Japanese society is lack of the ability of “innovation”. However, the global capital flow from China market or other countries to Japan is still on a buying craze for Japanese technology. If we cannot create something new, then just waiting for sinking.

The problem is “how”? Is there any frame work like “all-purpose drug” that we Japanese can learn and not only survive in such a difficult time but also lead the global society like the western elites who have continuously changed the world based on such a frame work?

The numbers of consultants all over Japan do share a “common sense” among the world of business consulting that the standard of “innovation” which can stir up the whole business world does not exist. Moreover, the winning strategy of educating the leadership for the global scale is impossible.

Is that true? The “common sense” in business consulting industry usually contains three steps of globalization, innovation and leadership. Actually, they all have been connected by the people and the so-called frame work of “Abduction”. If we do know how to master it, then those three steps will also go ahead.

Mr. Takeo Harada, CEO and Representative of Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA) located in Tokyo, Japan, delivered a speech on think tanks’ future role towards solution-oriented globalism for the common interest of humankind, on the occasion of 2019 High Level Seminar on World-leading Think Tanks co-organized by Center for China and Globalization and Penn Wharton China Center on 29 May, 2019 in Beijing, PRC.

So, what does the “Abduction” mean? When it comes to the method of reasoning, it may remind you the “deduction” and “induction” approaches claimed by Aristotle, a philosopher in Ancient Greece. The deduction works from the more general to the more specific. On the other hand, induction moves from specific observations to broader generalizations and theories.

However, no matter the deduction or the induction, there is nothing new born from them. They all work based on the existent facts. In other words, they are just presented under a frame work of fact situation and are stuffed their correctness up. Unfortunately, the goal is not to create a frame work itself or something beyond it.

Here comes the apagoge. An indirect argument which proves thing by showing the impossibility or absurdity of the contrary. American philosopher Charles Peirce has advanced it into the concept of “abduction” which is a form of logical inference. It starts with an observation or set of observations and then seeks to find the simplest and most likely conclusion from the observations.

This process, unlike deductive reasoning, yields a plausible conclusion but does not positively verify it. One can understand abductive reasoning as inference to the best explanation, although not all usages of the term of abduction and inference to the best explanation are exactly equivalent. While we experience some happenings in front of us, in our mind we could fit others into “it must be~” or “it shall become~” and this is what we called “awakening”,

When it comes to the “awakening”, is that the only way to acquire it from western inference mentioned above for Japanese people? Or, we should have known it, but forgot? If so, how to bring back to memory? Let us talk about it next time.


UNESCO (Information Literacy)


SDG(Global Innovation Exchange)


“Is There Abduction in Aristotle?”


About Takeo Harada
Founder and CEO of Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), an independent think tank located in the heart of Tokyo.Former career diplomat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in charge of European affairs and DPRK, for the period of 12 years, Takeo Harada is extremely well-versed in the area of global strategy with his original methodology of future analysis and risk scenarios. Takeo Harada is frequently invited to international forums, panel discussions, and other events to share his unique outlook on “what is going to happen” based on his consistent belief of `Pax Japonica.

What is `Pax Japonica?`
Takeo Harada`s unique ideology, which lies in the belief that Japan, embracing overwhelming amount of social challenges, is bound to embody itself as the role model of overcoming those challenges likely to be faced by the whole world ultimately, for the end of giving hopes and futures for all the people across the world.

What does IISIA do?
An independent think tank that collects, analyzes, and publish regular reports on international affairs, we feel great commitment to making the world better by providing our unique future scenarios that no other can construct with our rich information resources. What we aim through this commitment is to enhance information literacy for all to eventually realize our company vision of `Pax Japonica,` which we believe is closely correlated with the promotion of UN values and SDGs.

Check out the official HP of IISIA to gain more necessary information:

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